Locations and IPs

Here is a comprehensive list of our IP addresses that you can whitelist if necessary. Our monitoring service employs a distributed monitoring system to minimize false-positives and ensure accurate reporting.

Our primary checks are performed by the main monitoring engines chosen in the client's account. When downtime is detected, additional verification requests are sent from remote nodes situated across various countries and continents to confirm the downtime status.

Whitelisting Considerations

If your monitoring service is functioning smoothly, you may not need to take any action. However, if you experience false-positives, it is likely that your hosting provider is blocking the IP addresses used by Pulsetic.

To prevent false-positives and ensure uninterrupted monitoring, we recommend whitelisting the provided IP addresses. By doing so, you can ensure that all requests sent by Pulsetic are allowed and not blocked by your hosting/server provider.

IP Addresses

Please request your hosting/server provider or your technical team to add our IP addresses to their whitelist. The following is a comprehensive list of locations and IP networks that we utilize:




You can add nodes.pulsetic.com, which contains all our updated IP locations. Example:

Also, we have added the IPv6 addresses. Use the command dig nodes.pulsetic.com AAAA to retrieve them.

If you want to receive all of them, please use:dig nodes.pulsetic.com A nodes.pulsetic.com AAAA +short

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