How to publish Incidents


You can publish and update Incidents on each of your Status Pages. Incidents can have different Statuses and you can also include the details of each incident. Here is a quick overview video:


Step 1. Go to your Status Pages page:

Step 2. On the top left part of the page, click on the title of your Status Page.

Step 3. This action will redirect you to the Status Page General Settings. Click Incidents to access the Incidents settings, and then New Incident.

Step 4. New Incident tab will pop up, add an Incident Title, Status, and Message, and then click Publish. The information you add here will be publicly visible. Regarding Statuses, you can select the following:

  • Exploring: You're currently looking into it.
  • Identified: You've identified the issue and you're working on fixing it.
  • Update: You have an update regarding this issue.
  • Resolved: The issue has been resolved and the incident workflow has ended.

You have now published the Incident. 

Step 5. Go to your Status Pages page: and click on the Public Link of your Status Page.

Here you'll see the published Incident.


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