Get started with Pulsetic

Welcome to Pulsetic! Follow these steps to set up your account and start monitoring URLs that matter to you. Use the available settings to customize your Monitors, Status Pages, and Incidents. If at any point you need help, please contact us:

The 4 steps to a successful setup

1. Create your first Monitor

To create your first Monitor, go to your Monitors page and add the URL that you want to monitor. Update the Locations of your Monitor are well as the Advanced Settings and your Monitor is ready!

2. Set up Alerts

Once your Monitor is live, you can setup Alert notifications so that you get notified when the criteria you've set in the Monitor settings are met. You can get notifications by Email, SMS/Calls, Slack, Telegram, Twilio SMS & Voice, Webhook, and SIGNL4.

3. Create your first Status Page

To create your first Status Page, go to your Status Pages page, customize the available settings and hit Save. 

4. Publish your first Incident

Status Pages can exist without publishing Incidents. If you want to publish and update Incidents, go to the Incidents tab of your Status Page, create a new Incident, customize the available settings, and publish.

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